Hi, I'm Meagan - the face behind Meagan Nelson Photography. :)

Like most photographer's, my passion for photography started with my children. I purchased my first DSLR 7 years ago when my son was born. I wanted to have better images of him than my cell phone was capable of taking. That sparked an obsession. I started watching - and researching - and learning how to mold my craft. I took a leap of faith and opened MNP in 2014, and it's been a chaotic, but beautiful ride.

I am lucky enough to be married to my number one fan. (seriously, my husband is the bees knees, and my BIGGEST supporter!) Together we have two beautiful children, and two super sweet dogs. My most favorite things in life are: My family, Disney World, The Texas Rangers and Chipotle - in that order.

So why hire me? I've got a crazy personality, and I love to laugh. I believe that there is beauty in the mundane, and I want to show you the value in all of life's moments. There is truth in the quote,  “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.” I want to help capture your 6 year old's toothless grin, and your 3 year old's rain-boots. I also want to photograph your groom's reaction when he sees you coming down the aisle for the first time. I cater to every session, and to every client, and I am committed to providing you with a session that is unique to you and your family!

That's my story! I'd love to hear yours! <3