Christoper & Adrian's Proposal at Reunion Tower

Hi guys & gals! 

My photography career has brought me a LOT on a lot of adventures.

I've photographed first birthday sessions, engagement sessions, a bridal shoot with a dress made out of TOILET PAPER,  but this.. this has been one of my most favorite adventures that it's brought me on.

Christopher reached out to me to help with photographing his surprise proposal to Adrian. You guys, he went ALL out! He had a fake e-mail address, and I was careful to correspond with him when he was away from Adrian. My itinerary was-- photograph them checking into the Hyatt at Reunion Tower, photograph them having dinner at 560 (doing both while remaining unseen) and then meeting them on the observation deck, where Christopher & Adrian's friends and family were waiting for them. I will never in my life forget that moment and that feeling when Adrian stepped off of the elevator and started crying. It was incredible, and I am so honored that I was able to witness it. It was amazing. Anywho- here are the pictures, I hope you enjoy them. 

xoxo Meagan