My First All About Me Session

It's been a while. :)

I've been dying to blog this session from the moment I got in my car after we wrapped up and I reviewed the images on the back of my camera's lcd screen.

This past year I've done a lot of soul searching, and digging into my craft. What does photography mean to me? Why did I start pursuing it as a career? When I first started, I immediately had to take a step back. I lost sight of my vision, and compromised who I want to be as an artist.

Why do I want to take pictures?

I bought my first "big girl" camera when my son was born, 5 years ago. I read. I watched. I youtubed. I took workshops. I messed up. I learned some more.

When my son was in his infant/toddler stages, we went to corporate studios for our milestone pictures. Pretty faithfully. And I love them, I do.. but they're not on my walls.. and they look the same as the next client who was waiting in the lobby after me.

I wanted more. So I went looking.

My son now, is a spit fire. He's so crazy smart and he's got an imagination bigger than planet earth itself. Every morning when he wakes up he's a different character, and he'll ask you to address him as such. He lives in his rainboots, and constantly wants to soak in and know the world around him.

The pictures on MY wall, are him in his Captain America Costume with the Dallas Skyline behind him. (He thought Reunion Tower was Stark Tower). I have a 16x20 of him in his Peter Pan costume "holding Tinkerbell". My screen saver is him jumping through puddles with his worn rainboots.

Those are the images I want to deliver to parents. Those are pictures you can't get from a 20 minute sitting at a franchise. And you won't get them from those pictures on bridges, where everyone is color coordinated and smiling on cue. Now, don't get me wrong.. as a Mother I can appreciate the time/patience it takes to get everyone to look at the same camera, and to make it to a session with everyone having a clean shirt. And I DO offer portrait sessions too, but the All About Me sessions are meant to capture the personality and imagination of your little one. And they are my favorite kind of session.

Line reached out to me for an All About Me session for her three kiddos. She wanted images that were candid and reflected their bond as siblings. Line lives out of state, so we had to coordinate over Skype. She pretty much gave me free reign with the whole session.

We ended up deciding to bring a tea party to life, and bringing a bed out for "night time" routines. (um, and the pj's were sewn by grandma too!)

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    Hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and if you've made it this far.. thanks for reading!

    xoxo Meagan