Singing in the Rain Mini's

One of the best parts about "slow" season, is that I get to tend to the sides of my business that have been pushed to side while I am serving clients through the fall rush. One of the major things that is on my to-do list is catching up on blogging.

I have a list of sessions that I want to blog - and I am going to try my hardest to get them done. However - NOT blogging my Singing in the Rain mini's, just wasn't an option.

If you know me personally, you might have seen the notebook that I write all of my crazy photography ideas down in. I try really hard to bring something that other photographer's don't. I want your sessions with me to be unique, and I want you to have fun with them as well. Singing in the Rain Mini's were one of the first sketches in my book. My little boy fell in love with rain boots almost 3 years ago, and he's pretty always had a pair on since then. A lot of my mini session ideas stem from my children. I want to be the photographer that I myself would hire.

These were taken in my backyard, and a client made the rain machine for me - using an screenshot I grabbed from google. The rain machine is still zip-tied to a tree in my backyard.. haha.

Anyway - I hope you enjoy these images. This post is WAY overdue. ( I think i shot these in September, yikes!). I have some brand new mini's coming in 2017. Can't wait to share them.