Aguilar - Family Session in Fort Worth

4 blog posts in one month? Call me butter 'cuz I'm on a roll! Haha! ;)

Annabel booked me based on an image that I took 2 years ago, when I FIRST started my business. I was a little mortified, haha. My work has changed tremendously in only 2 short years. I have been dying to share her gallery with her.

I have a sort of rhythm that I follow with my family sessions. I always start with the posed - "everyone say cheese" pictures first. The money shots. The ones Grandma's love to have on their walls. After those are sealed, I move into more lifestyle images. I love the touchy feely pictures. The pictures showing Mom's giving kisses, and laughing. Real reflections of your family. Real emotions. Real images. You can kind of see my story telling unfold in this gallery. How different the end of the gallery is vs. the beginning. I delivered over 70 images in this gallery. I tend to overshare. :)

Anywho- hope you love this gallery. It's one of my favorites this year.