Beautiful Family Session in Keller, TX

I remember when I was pregnant with our 2nd baby, my husband desperately wanted a girl. I just couldn't understand it. We already had a boy, but I truly would have fine with either - but Zach was very in love with the idea of having a "Daddy's Girl". He told me at one point, "Meagan, you already know what it's like to be adored." Of course - we had a girl, and she is absolutely a Daddy's Girl. I didn't really understand that bond - until I had a daughter. As a photographer, I see how it's typically a universal thing. Little girls adore their Daddies.

Look at these images, and tell me otherwise. 

This gallery is probably one of my most favorite sessions that I have ever photographed. There is something so freeing when my families trust me 100% to capture them - just as they are. 

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