Carousel Horse & Wildflower Mini's in Richardson, TX.

I searched for a long, long time for a Carousel Horse. I had dreams of photographing little girls in tutu's in a huge field of Bluebonnets. After almost 2 years of searching, I FINALLY found one that wasn't over 300.00 at an antique mall. BUT she needed a TON of work. She was dingy, yellow, peeling, and just beat up looking. So I brought her home, and she sat in my garage for another two years, and this spring I decided that I wanted to photograph MY little girl in a tutu on it. Naturally, I decided this and wanted to shoot immediately so I finished restoring her in about 2 days. I think it took me over 4 coats of paint to get her that soft white color. I still want to add some more detail to her saddle - but for now she works. 

Bluebonnet season had passed by the time I finished with the horse so I settled for these wildflowers. Actually, though - I think I prefer these colors anyway. 

I offered these EXTREMELY last minute, so BIG thank you to the families who drove all the way out to Richardson with less than a weeks notice. <3 I will start offering these yearly. So be on the lookout for 2018 Carousel Mini's.