Cow Mini Sessions // Decatur, TX

so if you didn't know this about me, i am kind of obsessed with farm animals. for real. when I was little, I had a pot belly pig that I adored named Wilbur. (not those cute micro pigs that you see now, he was a full sized pot belly) He was my best friend until he ate ALL of the linoleum off of our bathroom floor, and then my mom rehomed him to a farm that was probably better suited for a pig his size. (my mom promised his new home wouldn't turn him into bacon). I am currently trying to talk my husband into getting me a pet chicken. my heart so desperately needs one, but that's a whole different story.

anywho, i knew for spring pictures that i wanted to do some sort of farm setup. (i will never, ever shoot with baby chicks or bunnies unless they're YOUR pets - and not just purchased for the photoshoot).

my original idea for my farm minis involved baby cows sitting with my kiddos and possibly being bottle fed - but i had to get creative when i realized that they are only infants for .02 seconds. if i am being 100% honest though, i love the way these turned out so much more. These are only Day 1 of mini's, and I still have a whole second day of sessions to share/blog that include my own kiddos. 

also, check out the nice blooper i included for your viewing pleasure.

Untitled-1 copy.png