arlington tx strawberry patch

Strawberry Patch Sessions // Arlington, TX

i am finally sharing strawberry patch mini's! woo! 

i am starting to slack again with my blog posts, i have like 3 sessions that are in queue to be blogged - but i'm trying y'all!

so my strawberry patch mini's were completely spontaneous. I had the idea, confirmed the farm,  and they sold out-all within like 2 hours. Speaking of the farm, Storm Farm in Arlington is absolutely precious. The strawberries are so juicy, and the field is nice and back-lit which makes for beautiful photographs. 

The pictures of the strawberries in the tub are probably my favorite from the set. My mini's are 15 minutes long, and I asked mom right at 12 minutes if she minded if I tried something. I poured the water, added the strawberries and got those precious pictures in about 3 minutes. For real.

hope you enjoy these super sweet images. <3

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