the greatest showman

Color Inc School of Photography - The Greatest Showman // Austin, Texas

okay, I am going to be super real for a hot second. I don't love watching movies, and if by some slim chance my husband DOES manage to talk me into going to a theater-we definitely aren't going to see a musical. (unless it's disney of course :))

so naturally, i had ZERO desire to see The Greatest Showman. then i saw the video of Keala Settle singing "This is Me" in the studio, and all of sudden HAD to see The Greatest Showman. it didn't disappoint. HOLY CRAP. I think it's my most favorite movie, of all time, EVER. The soundtrack is on repeat in my car, and I watch it pretty regularly at home. I am obsessed with all of the characters, and the message of the movie. It just speaks to my little heart.


with all of THAT being said, Color Inc hosts these amazing shootouts in Austin, Tx - and this years theme was "The Greatest Showman". I had to be there! (Not only that, but if you know me on a personal level - then you know how much I love chubby cheek photography, and Shalonda was hosting it along with Sallykate Photography so it was just meant to be!)

i hope you enjoy these as much as i enjoyed shooting them. the kids were absolutely precious, and the setups were perfect. i can't wait for the next shootout! 

ALSO - the fabulous attire was provided by The Borrowed Boutique, and they were amazing too!

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