whats in my bag

What's in my bag?

okay so listen, there are a lot of different tools that a lot of different photographers use. i've purchased and rented a lot of different equipment, and i think i've finally rounded out and gotten everything that i need/want. well.. for now anyway.  i've wanted to blog about my "what's in my bag" for like the past year,  and i've finally sat down to allocate the time to do it.

okay, here goes nothin'.

The Bodies:

I shoot full frame, and I shoot Canon, I've owned Canon since I purchased my first DSLR, and honestly, any other model feels foreign in my hand. I'm partial to Canon's color, and their warm tones. I shoot with a Mark III and a 6D. Truth be told, I actually like the 6D more- but I need the extra focal points/dual card slots that the Mark III offers. I am a HUGE advocate that every photographer should have a back-up camera in their bag, because equipment CAN and WILL fail you. My Mark III is my workhorse, and my 6D is my backup. Though I typically shoot with both.

The Glass:

I have a lot different lenses, that do a variety of different things. I am going to start in order of focal length, and include pictures.

Sigma 15 2.8 - fisheye: This is one of my most favorite lenses that I own. When I bought this lens, I read a ton of reviews and debated on this versus the CanonL. Ultimately the price tag for the Sigma's won me over. This lens is ALWAYS in my backpack when we travel (i especially love it in front of Disney Castles and baseball stadiums), and I love using it for a fun look at my portrait sessions, because the focal length is so short it grabs beautiful skies too.. I shoot at 2.8 always, and it is always impeccably sharp. 

2Q1A5650 (1).jpg

Sigma Art 35mm 1.4: This lens lets me "get all up in your cookie jar". I can fit more in the frame, and don't have to stand so far back to use it. This is my everyday lens, and I use it when I attempt 365's, because it works amazing in tight spaces. It also performs exceptionally well in low light, when I don't want to use a flash. I grab this lens for faceless shots, the tops of babies heads, and when I want a lot of negative space. 


Canon 50mm 1.4: I built my business on this lens. It was the very first lens purchase I made outside of a kit lens. I almost never use it anymore, but being the sentimental weirdo I am, I can't sell it. This lens is super light, and I love that I don't have to stand lightyears away to get a pretty compressed background, with some pretty bokeh.

ashley k (4).jpg

Sigma Art 85mm 1.4: I love this lens, like a whole lot. It is INCREDIBLY sharp, even at 100% zoom. There are a TON of options for an 85 - but this one is the best hands down. I grab this when I want pretty background compression, and don't have the space to back up enough for my 135. I shoot wide open with this lens, I am most often at 1.4 and it hits focus everytime.


Canon 100mm 2.8 - macro: This lens is perfect for those close-up details. Like, look at the detail on this bebe's lips. Some photographers use this as a portrait lens, and I don't love it for portraits - BUT it is fantastic for retaining close up detail. I am DYING for it to snow here so I can grab some macro snowflakes.


Canon 135mm 2.0: My bread and butter. This is my most favorite lens that I own, and I use it 99.9% of the time. This was the first L glass I purchased, and I sold it when I bought the 70-200 , but I rebought it because I HAD to have it. Canon's glass colors are unparalleled and the compression of this lens is FANTASTIC. Look at that bokeh in the 2nd image. I canNOT say good enough things about this lens. 


Canon 70-200mm 2.8ii: okay, so i am going to be honest for a hot sec. I don't love zoom lenses, I just don't. I prefer prime lenses 100% of the time. which is probably why I don't love my 70-200. I bought this lens to round out my wedding arsenal when I was shooting weddings - because well, I feel like you need the flexibility of the zoom - and the ability to go to 200mm. While the 70-200 produces GORGEOUS images, it is too heavy for me and I feel like the 135 is sharper (and tremendously lighter).  The compression at 200 is amazing though, and stunning. Another Canon L, and the colors are to die for.


The Bag:

I have a few different camera bags, I'm addicted to buying them. My favorite bag by far is my House of Flynn Garden Floral Backpack. It's decorated with a Pusheen/Ursula keychain. I take this bag pretty much everywhere; the zoo, disney world, ranger games, everywhere.  It keeps my gear completely dry when it rains, and it's so comfortable to wear. AND IT HOLDS SO MUCH.


I hope that was informative, or at the very least not boring. I LOVE reading about what other photographers use to shoot with, so if you make a similar post - link it here! 

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