Tree Farm Sessions // Weatherford, TX

busy season is OVER. o-v-e-r. now i get to lounge in my sweats and fuzzy socks, and watch all of the disney movies on free form while i try to remember just exactly how much dry shampoo is actually in my hair. ha. well at least until march when it starts all over again. my last blog post was in SEPTEMBER. almost 3 months ago. holy crap. i have so many galleries that i have to share with you guys. galleries from MONTHS ago that DESERVE to be seen because they’re just THAT gorgeous. so while this is my off (lazy) period -i am also going to use this time to get caught up on the side of my business that i neglected while i was slammed with sessions. also, i will be blogging out of order -there will be no rhyme or reason in what order it gets blogged.. don’t judge me.

first up - TREE FARM SESSIONS. i lucked out it in the most beautiful way with this tree farm. they open their doors to photographers before they open to the public so I got to shoot the farm basically all to myself. paired that with the beautiful red settee courtesy of Rent My Dust Rentals and the sessions were just magical. I will bring these back in 2019, so stay tuned for that.

hope you guys had a wonderful christmas, happy new year! <3


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