Boho Mini's // Fort Worth, TX

another blog post- WOOT. only 34903904835 sessions left in queue. haha jk. kind of. i have a TON of sessions that i NEED to share with you guys and i'm working on getting caught up before the holiday chaos. i haven't really had a "slow" season this year, so i'm kind of behind on the business side of things. (which is a GREAT problem to have)

boho mini's y'all. i think i may have lost my mind scheduling minis in the middle of a texas summer, but WOOWEE they were so worth it.

i had three different setups with this mini to give tons of variety. i had the VW bus, an all white tent, and the floating dreamcatchers. 

also, i wasn't planning on photographing my kids in this set up. BUT my daughter at the time - had decided that she wanted to be in a mariachi band. like for real. she was working on her grito (thanks coco), and was ALL about her purple sombrero - and i thought she needed a session.

hope you enjoy. xo

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