Carnival Mini's // Watauga, TX

okay. so these mini's are from may, maybe april. YIKES. but i had to share them. I am getting ready to offer Carnival Mini's again - and I couldn't have a NEW set of images without sharing these first. 

so these carnival mini's were like a spur of the moment type thing. like i posted in my VIP group that I wanted to offer them - posted a link and held them 24 hours later type thing. (they sold out too, which is amazeballs.) i love the eccentric colors, and the bokeh that the carnival lights give.

the greatest showman is near and dear to my heart - and the little ringmaster is MY boy. these minis are some of my most favorite pictures of my kids that i've ever taken. i can't wait to do it all again next month. ;)

Untitled-1 copy.png