Lesley & Chris are married at Classic Oaks Ranch in Mansfield, TX

I don't think there will ever be a more laid back bride than Lesley. Seriously. She had one request - and one request only..  she wanted a Cheeto bar.

In true Texas fashion - the weather couldn't make up its mind. The forecast leading up to her wedding date flickered from storms to sunshine. At one point there was a 100% chance of rain. God had other plans though. The day of her wedding there was a thick overcast, and we spent time looking out the windows trying to gauge if the rain would stay at bay long enough for her to have her ceremony outside. AND IT DID! (except for a little sprinkle during the ceremony). The sun came out right when I started to photograph Lesley and Chris's portraits, it was like God was giving them his blessing.

Lesley and Chris wrote letters to each other and had the minister read them out loud during the ceremony, and I looked up from behind my camera and everyone was teary eyed. I've said once,  and I will say it a million times - my favorite weddings to photograph are the weddings that are authentic - and genuine. Where you can feel the sincerity in the vows, where the couples can't get enough of each other. That was the Kowalski wedding, 100%.

Lesley's Maid of Honor was her mom, and Chris's Best Man was his Dad. Does it get anymore precious than that? 

& just in case you were wondering.. she got her Cheeto Bar. :)